This is a Large-scale semi-Custom half hull model of the Optimist dinghy. The model scale is 12.5 / 100. The model is built with gel coat and a few layers of 2oz fiberglass.  The model is assembled from 3 different parts - a hull, a rudder, and a dagger board.   It could be built with a cockpit, but adding the cockpit will increase the expense.  I decided to use one part female mold for the hull.  I hope you like the model and its' price.


This model is still semi-custom. I will paint the model any color you would like and if you have any logo or letters on your boat, I will order the letters and place on the hull. ( I need to have inf. from you and I will outsource the logo or letters)

The backboard will be 24" x 12" x 1/2" MDF with the exotic face veneer of your choice. ( Mahogany, Teak, Bubinga,  Maple etc..)

                                                       * Standard Model with horizontal grained African Bubinga wood veneer with cream color trim

The Standard Model.....


*  backboard: vertical grained Teak veneer finished with varnish and gold trim                                                                   *  backboard : exotic Beeswing Mahogany finished with clear coat and wood trim

Delivery Time & Shipping .....

The delivery time is about 2 to 4 weeks for the standard model.  The shipping cost should be $12 -18 to 48 states via USPS. (3-5 days with insurance). Please email me for the International shipment.

Contact ...

If you have any questions about the Optimist model,  please feel free to contact Mas at halfhull@gmail.com or call (404) 272-7889. 

I hope this half hull model will make the young skippers and the family happy.   Mas

* Kase ( 8 yrs old / 4'  3") is holding the Optimist Model

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