Production Full Stern Model

Inexpensive Semi - Custom Model ...

The production Full Stern Models are made with gel coat and two layers of fiberglass. Each of these models is very large scale and has minimal details. Most of the Standard models are priced under $100 so they could be used as a regatta trophy by regatta organizers or as a gift to crew, etc..

In order to reduce time & cost, I use a one-piece hard mold with few details, although the models are all still semi-custom built. Each model can be built with custom hull & bottom colors, with logos or any name lettered on the transom, with any water line strips and with a few more details added to the the stern, etc. Please let me know any details you wish to add to the model. I am more than happy to discuss customization of your model.

The standard backboard for the model is about 18-20"(W) x 12-15"(H), with the name plate (4"x2") placed above the model (or any location on the board). Also your choice of exotic wood veneer on 1/2" MDF board with trim is standard. The weight of the model is less than 10 LBS , so the shipping fee should be less than $15 to the lower 48 states via USPS w/ insurance.

The delivery time should be 2-4 weeks. (if I have a hard female mold for your boat)

Quantity discounts are available for fleet orders and for the regatta organizer. ( I will do my best to work with your budgets)

Model Type : MELGES 24 Note: Beeswing Mahogany veneer in 1/2" MDF w/ gold edge

Model size : 13" (W) x 5" (H) x 3"(D) Price : $ 85 (US)

Backboard : 18" x 10" ( 46 cm x 25 cm)

Weight : 5 LBS

Note : Birds Eye Maple veneer on 1/2 "MDF w/ Maple veneer edge

Price : $ 85.00 (US)

Model Type : J 24 * Steve with his Large scale J/24 full Stern Model...

Model size : 12" (W) x 5" (H) x 4"(D) Note : on Exotic Bubinga wood

Backboard : 12" x 19"

Weight : 7 LBS

Note : Standerd model w/Vertical grained Teak veneer on 1/2" MDF - gold edge

Price : $ 80.00 (US)

Model Type : Catalina 22 Note : Standerd model w/Teak veneer- Hammerd gold trim

Model Size : 12" (W) x 5.5" (H) x 3.5" (D)

Backboard : 19.5" x 12.5" Price : $ 90.00 (US)

Weight : 8 LBS

Note : Side grained Bubinga veneer with hammerd gold color trim

Model Type : J 29 Note : 8 yr old ( 4' 3") is holding the model. This is a large scale model.

Model size : 13" (W) x 4.5" (H) x 4"(D)

Backboard : 24" x 13"

Weight : 7 LBS

Note : Birdseye Maple veneer on 1/2: MDF

Price : $ 85.00 (US) / Standerd model-White hull

The Standard Production Stern Model Specification ....

Production Model Price & Price Quote....

The price range of the production stern model should be $ 60 to $ 100 for the model 9" to 13" wide.( if I have the female mold). I should be able to quote you the price over the phone. Please call me or email me for firm quote.

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