Below are samples of the backboard for the half hull and full stern models.

The Exotic wood veneers are pressed and glued to 1/2 or 3/4" MDF boards for the backboard.  I can take 6-8 veneers out of 1" solid exotic wood. I am doing very little but this will help a little for saving the forest.

This process enables me to offer you a model with a much larger/wider backboard for a lower price and I can offer you many choices of exotic wood.  My models will truly stand out on the wall with this large backboard.

If you still would like to have solid wood for the backboard, please let me know and I will provide a quote. (Domestic woods like Walnut or Mahogany are more readily available and less expensive)

The edge of the backboard may be painted with any color.  The surface may be finished with Oil, Wax, Varnish or any other finish of your choice.

Wood :Teak
Color :Honey / Gold
Finish Shown :Natural Stain and Varnish
Note :Medium to coarse texture wood. This tree is reported to grow 130-150 ft (Trunk 36-60")
Wood :Mahogany - Honduran ( 20" x 10" shown )
Color :Pale Yellow / Tan
Finish Shown :Oil and Varnish
Note :This is the Mahogany that grows throughout Central & South America
Wood :Bubinga - African Rosewood ( 20" x 10" shown)
Color :Lighter Red to Purple (darkens with age)
Finish Shown :Varnish only (wood too pretty to be stained)
Note :Fine textured wood which is very hard.
Wood :Beeswing Mahogany ( 20" x 10" shown )
Color :Golden Brown with a faint Reddish tint
Finish Shown :Varnish only
Note :Has Bee's wing-like pattern, much darker color than Honduran Mahogany
Wood :Chestnut - Burl ( 18" x 9" shown )
Color :Blonde to light Brown with Yellow tint
Finish Shown :Natural stain and Varnish
Note :Most of the American Chestnuts were killed by fungus blight in 1920. This veneer is from a dead tree.
Wood :Mahogany (African ) - Crotch ( 18" x 8" shown )
Color :Reddish Brown / Tan
Finish Shown :Oil and Varnish
Note :Used mostly for backboards for the smaller models
Wood :Walnut - Black ( Domestic ) 20" x 12" shown
Color :Light Brown (sapwood) to Brown
Finish Shown :Natural stain and Varnish
Note :Commonly available, wood shown here is not steamed

* If you would like to see the actual wood veneer for your half hull model, I am more than happy to mail you a sample.


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