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About my Half hull Models....

I have been building large scale half hull sailboat models since 1970.  My half hull models are usually 30" to 50+" long.  The 30" half hull model looks 2 to 3 times larger when compared to a 20" half hull model.

My models are built with 100% solid wood using the old lifts method. I glue 7 to 12 layers of solid wood then carve it using a custom templates.  Every one of my half hull models are custom built (except for the Melges 24 model).   It will take me 4 to10+ weeks to build one to order.

There are no short cuts for me to build the half hulls using my lifts method.  I have been using MFD board with exotic wood veneer for my backboard (because my backboard is very large) in order to cut its' cost. All of my models are priced very reasonably for their size and attention to detail.

The Standard and the Details of my models...

The Price of a Half Hull model....

Most of my models (30"- 40") will be priced between $300 and $600. The smaller models with the less details (no cockpit, no bottom paint, no water line, etc.) will be priced lower.

I do not build or keep the mold for my models.  I need a day to study the details of your boat and will contact you with the price.  Please email me or call me.   I am more than happy to quote a price for your half hull model.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.     Mas

The Full Stern Models ...

The full stern model is neat.  I started building this model a few years ago. The backboard of the full stern  model is much smaller than my half hull models (about 24" x 13").   It will even fit on a wall in the bathroom so you can see your boat while reading your favorite sailing magazine.

It will be priced under $250 for most models.  I just need a few back-end pictures of your boat in order to build yours.

The Small Half Hull Models ...

 M 16 Scow

My small scale half hull models are still 15" to 20" in length. Most of small models I build are the dingy and  small daysailors.  It is much easier and takes less time to build these small models.


This is one of my newest project completed last year. The model is built with gel coat and fiberglass.  The scale is 125 / 1000 and it is 36" in length.  I do not like fiberglass work but I hope this model makes those racers happy. Please see Melges 24 page for model details.

*I thank you for visiting the web site.   I am looking forward to talk to you soon.    

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