J Boats

The production Half Hull Models of J Boat are made with a gel coat and 2-3 layers of 2oz fiberglass. (using 2 to 4 part hard-molds) Most of the Production J Boat models are the 22"-25" in size and each model will be built to your specifications. The delivery time should be 5-8 weeks depending upon the availability of bare stock models. The shipping charge for the J boat Models are about $ 4-17 to East Coast and about $16-20 to West Coast with Fedex Ground * any letters or graphics on the model hull need to be quoted. ( simple boat name with known fonts is about $10-20...)

   J / 80  

                 with Beeswing Mahogany Backboard /Satin Varnish finish

with Bubinga Backboard / Semi Gross Varnish finish

Choice of the Bow Sprit / Black color or White color

Note : the model has the Cockpit details

   J / 22  

with Beeswing Mahogany Backboard / Semi-Gloss Varnish

with Honduras Mahogany Backboard / Satin Varnish w/ H.Gold color edge

Large 24.5 " Model (model Bow to Stern) /  Dan is 6' 1" tall

From the model Stern...

   J / 105  

with Honduras Mahogany Backboard / Satin Varnish finish

with Teak Backboard / Satin Varnish finish

with Black Walnut Backboard / Satin Varnish finish

There is the Stern Detail ( using 2 part molds..)

Large 23.5" model / Mahogany Backboard with Semi-Gloss Varnish finish

   J / 92 & J 92 S  

J / 92  Model with Rosewood Backboard / Satin Varnish finish

J / 92 S  Model with Honduras Mahogany Backboard / Note: it  has Beavertail Keel

J/92 S  Model with Chip / Chip is 6' tall

 J 92  Model with Open Cockpit (built with 2 parts molds...)

J/ 92 S  Model with deeper keel..

   J / 24  

with Rosewood Backboard / Satin Varnish finish...

with Rosewood Backboard / Satin Varnish Finish...

the model deck and the cockpit...

Large 24" model (model bow to model stern)...

Large  Full Stern Model (12"x5"x4") / Please visit "Production Stern Model" Page for more details...

* If you have any questions about the half hull models of J Boats,  please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to answer your questions or send more pictures of the models. And I will work with you on your personal specifications for the model.   

Please contact  Mas at halfhull@gmail.com